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Found throughout the mountain ranges of the Earth and California, micas are a common mineral. Some micas are specific to certain geographic locations, offering a natural variety in color and sheen. They offer a gentle twinkle to the rock formations in which they are embedded and can do the same for an epoxy floor. Micas also give a granite-like texture and add a refined sheen to your chosen color combo. The results are a natural style with a subtlety that simply appeals to the eye.

Advantages of Colored Micas

As a mineral, micas bring many advantages to your epoxy flooring, including:

  • various color combinations;
  • avoids ultraviolet light;
  • strong chemical resistance;
  • natural metallic luster;
  • increased durability.

To choose a colored mica scheme for your epoxy flooring, investigate our blends, solids and custom possibilities. West Coast Epoxy always makes certain that our customers in Vallejo and Northern California have plenty of opportunity to select the pattern that fits their specifications before adding this beautiful, natural form of flooring decoration.
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