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Concrete Flooring Services in Loomis, CA

For decorative concrete floors in Loomis, ask for the experienced installers at West Coast Epoxy! This complete concrete flooring installer provides all of the services owners need to make concrete foundations durable, stain-free, water resisting and colorful. With the expertise of West Coast Epoxy, owners can complete any of the listed projects:

Concrete Epoxy Coatings

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy systems by West Coast Epoxy in Loomis come with a lifetime adhesion warranty. We declare it the “no peel promise”! Color varieties with epoxy coatings are essentially limitless. We can even add an anti-slip coating upon request.
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Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete PolishingNow your concrete floors can glow! Applying the most advanced materials, West Coast Epoxy takes grey concrete and makes it fabulous! At the start we grind the concrete floor smooth until it looks glossy. Afterwards we add gorgeous colors and protectants that heighten the shine. The resulting product is much more durable and simpler to maintain.
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Metallic Floors

Metallic Style FlooringWith metallic flooring, the final look is a polished, sparkly finish with fascinating dimensionality and depth. No two floors ever look similar. Let West Coast Epoxy make a style all your own!
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Concrete Color Stains

Concrete StainingProvide concrete floors vibrant color or the natural appearance of wood or stone with concrete staining. West Coast Epoxy uses safe acid-free concrete stains that cannot harm you, our workers or the environment. A thin protective coating can be requested to give durability and greater color permanence.
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Coved Floors

Floors with CovesCoved floors for industrial or commercial and home requests in Loomis are a specialty of West Coast Epoxy. With coved concrete we apply the epoxy flooring from 2 inches to six inches (or even more) up the wall. This protects paint, drywall, and plaster at the base from damage or dents.
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Concrete Overlays

Before applying concrete staining, epoxy flooring, or concrete polishing, it is critical to fix an uneven concrete floor by renovating it with a concrete overlay. Overlaying concrete necessitates preparing a formula of cement, polymers, and sand. The polymers affix the overlay to the original concrete. The final product is a smooth floor.
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Anti-Slip Finish

If floors are likely to be wet or slick due to any reason, your floor must have an anti-slip finish. West Coast Epoxy recommends this finish indoors and outdoors, for businesses and homes, anywhere fluids are often found. Most expensive accidents happen because of falls and slips. Ask for the level of roughness that agrees with the purpose of your flooring based on samples that we present.
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Moisture Barriers

Moisture in your floor is a major issue. Most floor coverings are thoroughly ruined by water seeping through unprotected concrete. When you want to cover a concrete floor, confirm that there is not a water problem. West Coast Epoxy always installs epoxy coatings with a water barrier. This makes a floor useful for any kind of floor covering. West Coast Epoxy can apply this durability on any kind of surface, even new concrete.
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Urethane Concrete

Urethane concrete is the toughest coating that West Coast Epoxy lays on. It is even stronger than trowel grade epoxy. Urethane cement is an epoxy mixed with a specialized cement that creates the workability of an epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. It has noted temperature resistance. We can simultaneously color it to your requirements.
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Contact us today for added details about concrete coating in Loomis from West Coast Epoxy or to request a no-cost quote. Call us at 916-531-1874 or inquire for help through our online request form.
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