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About West Coast Epoxy

A leader in epoxy flooring for Sacramento and Northern California, West Coast Epoxy is ready to provide a personalized application of epoxy concrete coatings, concrete stains or concrete polishing for your home, business or industrial site.

Epoxy coatings, urethane and polyaspartic topcoats simplify the cleaning and maintenance of concrete floors while preserving and protecting them from everyday wear and erosion. Unsightly cracks and permanent stains are avoided or eliminated when you coat new concrete or revitalize old concrete with epoxy floor coatings.

West Coat Epoxy avoids cheap materials and bargain-priced coatings to provide our clients with durable floors that do not peel, bubble or chip over time. Our goal is customer satisfaction in both the short and long-term, guaranteeing future business through the positive word-of-mouth generated by every job we successfully complete.

For more information about our custom epoxy concrete coatings, concrete staining, concrete polishing and concrete renovation, check our out website and then request a free consultation and quotation.

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