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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Vallejo, CA

Metallic FloorBring the beauty of metallic paint to your concrete foundations with the extra resilience and toughness of epoxy coatings from West Coast Epoxy. Create floors with brilliant pearlescence, iridescence, shine, metallic sparkle, swirl, and depth. The simple concrete floor in your lobby, home, showroom, gym, or hallway can look like clouds, waves, flowing currents, or the depths of the universe.

What Creates the Sparkle?

Metallic epoxies combine durable glossy topcoats with colorful undercoats and sparkling metal or mica nanoparticles. In addition to selecting different colors of floor coats, you can also choose different colored nanoparticles for a variety of special effects. Here are some of the options:

  • Sparkle — Mica and metallic particles are noteworthy light reflectors. Increase or decrease the amount of sparkle by adjusting the size and number of nanoparticles in the epoxy.
  • Iridescence — Imagine the feathers of a hummingbird or peacock and you can visualize the effect of iridescence. When applied with epoxy coatings, the floor changes color, based on the light source or viewpoint.
  • Pearlescence — Akin to iridescence, pearlescence is more subdued with the color alteration effect, resembling the lustre of abalone or pearls. This optical effect reminds you of looking through a prism or the vibrance of rainbows.
  • Depth — Depending on the arrangement of the epoxy layers, and by bunching the metal or mica flakes accordingly, your floor can come to life with a third dimension! The visions of depth, clouds, motion, waves, currents, and more are suggested with the correctly designed application of metallic epoxies.
  • Gloss — Although sparkle is like twinkling stars, gloss represents the reflection of light from surfaces. Epoxy flooring is known for making a quality shine, but metallic flooring takes it to a whole new level! Although much is dependent on the design, maximum shine is seen with metallic flooring.

When it comes to metallic epoxies, the decision is yours! There is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional epoxy floor; they are decorative, durable, and pleasing. But when you desire the best that West Coast Epoxy has to present in Vallejo, inquire to see our designs for metallic epoxy flooring. Each one is one of a kind, every one is tailor made, and all of them are luxurious. To start creating your metalized concrete flooring, connect with West Coast Epoxy today!
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