West Coast Epoxy is a full-service Sacramento epoxy flooring installer with extensive experience using professional and industrial grade polyurethane coatings for floors in retail, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. You can call or contact us online to receive a free consultation and quotation for any of the following standard services.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring

We start by coating your concrete floor with a colored epoxy layer. We then top that with color flakes, micas or granules to meet your interior design and safety needs. A clear topcoat protects the layers underneath and seals the floor, eliminating a wide range of messy hazards that damage or degrade concrete.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

A number of epoxy coats now feature lustrous metallic particles that create shine, high reflectivity and a sense of depth for your concrete floor. Fabulous finishes are possible with this specialty flooring product.

Concrete Staining and Sealing

Decorative concrete stains penetrate the slab to create the look of wood, stone or tile on your concrete floor. The color is protected and made fast with a penetrating sealer that is added to create a glossy finish and shine.

Concrete Polishing

The concrete is smoothed and polished like a mirror, colored with translucent or opaque colors, and then protected with a thin, yet strong, topcoat. Discover a new aspect of concrete flooring with concrete polishing.

Moisture Remediation

Concrete penetrated by moisture from underneath the slab is subject to unsightly stains and salt accumulation on the surface of the concrete. Correcting the problem requires conclusively identifying the water source and sealing the concrete from further water intrusion.

Anti-Slip Finishes

Epoxy floors are produced with anti-slip finishes either by giving them texture with granules (available in neutral tones or color) or by adapting the topcoat applied to the epoxy floor. A wide variety of color options are available either way.

Coved Flooring Systems

Coved floors run the epoxy coating up the wall to a height specified by the customer. This waterproof and protective coating prevents the wall from being damaged by moisture, dings, nicks, bumps and scratches.

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