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Warehouse Floor Epoxy in Vallejo, CA

Industrial EpoxyVallejo warehouses are full of wear — loaded carts, pallet jacks, forklifts, foot traffic, and more. The general warehouse has a concrete surface, but even that tough material deteriorates into ruts after constant flow along common paths. To make your warehouse foundation have a useful and long life you need epoxy coatings! Epoxy is offered in a wide variety of color options and does more than just look terrific. Epoxy topcoats also defend the concrete that lies underneath.

What Epoxy Flooring Offers Warehouses

West Coast Epoxy offers epoxy coatings of various grades and strengths based on the needs of our warehouse clients. For locations that see the heaviest forms of equipment and material, we provide trowel grade coatings. This is the deepest form of epoxy topcoat and provides the optimal resilience for your slab surface.

Extra Options with Epoxy Flooring

Warehouses often have brand new and veteran employees, making safety functions vital for the benefit of your crew. Epoxy topcoats are effortlessly modified to include safe striping, instructive marks, and brand colors. Mark out safe areas, hazard zones, and material designation zones. Epoxy coatings are limited only by your imagination!

Epoxy topcoats for warehouses also limit the amount of maintenance and cleaning your site will require. They are easier to sanitize with a dust mop and vacuum being sufficient in most cases. If you add coved flooring, your walls are also preserved and protected. Imagine a thick coat of epoxy that stretches up the wall to maintain the drywall and plaster from nicks and dings and you then comprehend the benefit of the coved flooring option.

Contact West Coast Epoxy for Epoxy Flooring in Vallejo

If you are prepared to apply a new coat of epoxy for your new warehouse, call West Coast Epoxy. If you need to fix your existing concrete floors and want to preserve and protect them afterwards with epoxy topcoats, call West Coast Epoxy. Either way, our skill, experience, and superior product lines will help you to have a pristine and protected warehouse, saving you time and money. Contact West Coast Epoxy in Vallejo for help today!
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