Concrete Flooring Services in Hayward, CA

Available in the Hayward area, West Coast Epoxy offers outstanding flooring solutions for concrete surfaces of any size or shape, from little residential rooms to huge commercial locations. If the foundation is old, stained, new, or cracked, we make it look gorgeous, indoors and out. Applying superior components, as little as one day is necessary to complete an enduring, expressive concrete floor, masterfully made by West Coast Epoxy.

Concrete Epoxy Coatings

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy floor coatings are strong and decorative, with multiple color and pattern combos possible. Many kinds of epoxies give protection for the unique threats faced by your concrete floors. Anti-slip coats are available when specified.
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Coved Flooring

Floors with CovesWhen protection for corners and walls is needed, West Coast Epoxy lends coved floors. Applied above the foundation, coving adds waterproofing to walls. It also stops nicks in plaster, drywall and paint.
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Polished Concrete Flooring

Concrete PolishingThe plain appearance of concrete is improved with polishing! Polishing concrete turns it smooth and reflective. Added color and resilient coatings enhance the appearance and conserve the shine.
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Metallic Floors

Metallic Style FlooringFor the highest amount of luster, inquire about metallic flooring! Create dimensions with your concrete by requesting this luxurious upgrade. The treatment is akin to concrete polishing, but the end results are at a totally extra level of shine.
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