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Our Flooring Services

Partial side view of a bright yellow sports car with sleek lines and silver rims, parked inside a modern garage with black and gray checkered flooring. The garage features white storage cabinets and a yellow parking stop at the front.

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy flooring is protective and decorative, with hundreds of color and pattern combinations available. Also available with an anti-slip coating.

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Interior view of a large, empty industrial warehouse with a high ceiling, metal structural beams, and a glossy concrete floor. The warehouse is lit by natural light filtering through the translucent upper walls, and the space is marked with a solitary yellow line running across the floor.

Commercial / Industrial

For durable commercial and industrial epoxy flooring, West Coast Epoxy can apply topcoats that resist UV rays, chemicals, oils, heavy traffic and water.

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A room featuring a gray and white speckled epoxy floor with non-slip texture. The floor has raised curbs around an open pit area, suggesting a service bay or inspection pit for vehicles. Various cables and construction materials are scattered, indicating ongoing work or maintenance.

Coved Flooring

When protection for walls and corners is needed, West Coast Epoxy provides coved flooring. Raised above the floor, it adds water-proofing to walls.

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A panoramic view of a gallery with a dark polished floor that subtly reflects the wall-mounted black and white photographs. The gallery extends towards a lit corridor, creating a sense of depth and continuity. The calm and minimalistic ambiance suggests a space dedicated to art appreciation.

Concrete Polishing

The plain look of concrete is enhanced with the smooth surface and reflective sheen created by concrete polishing. Various levels of shine are possible, based on your design.

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Trowel Grade Epoxy

Trowel grade epoxy provides maximum durability with a surface 4-8 times thicker than traditional epoxy. Ideal for floors exposed to heavy-duty forklifts and more.

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A close-up panoramic view of a high-gloss, marbled epoxy floor with swirls of golden and amber hues, resembling a natural stone finish. The fluid patterns and reflective sheen give the surface a luxurious and dynamic appearance.

Metallic Flooring

The finished look is a smooth, glass-like metallic finish that has a unique and subtle sparkle. No two floors will ever look the same. Create a style that you call your own.

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Our Happy Customers

Kanwardeep Singh
June 28, 2024

I contacted Marc about a Garage conversion that we did. Turned it into a small living space. First off, Marc responded to my email within 2 hours and we set up an appointment date (within a week) for him to come out and see what we wanted done. The contractors we had that did the work for the conversion left the place a mess and I told Marc about our experience with them, he was very sympathetic and understood the value of quality/honest work. We went with a Large Flake Garnet style epoxy and am extremely happy with the results. The price was fair and calculated using proper square footage measurements, not just eyeballing it or giving “guesstimates”.. Marc’s team cleaned up after themselves and everyone showed great communication! After what we had experienced with the previous contractors, Marc and his team at West Coast Epoxy was sincerely a breath of fresh air. 10/10. Would recommend. Thank you Marc

Joe Ponte
June 21, 2024

Great job and the best quality. Installed as planed and scheduled.

West Coast Epoxy Blog

Little child laying on the floor playing with a toy car. In the background is a bench and toy box indicating it is a daycare or playroom. There are 2 green plants sitting on the window sill. Epoxy flooring is a great, safe flooring for playrooms, schools and childcare centers.
Safe Flooring for Children

Epoxy floor coatings can improve the safety of school sites and childcare centers in a number of ways. Find out more about how West Coast Epoxy can help!

Lifetime Warranty

West Coast Epoxy has faith in every installation we provide for our residential and commercial clients. After completing thousands of flooring projects without epoxy failures, we confidently offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty against the following: abnormal color changes in the topcoat, and flaking or peeling in any part of the coating. To take advantage of this excellent warranty, Contact West Coast Epoxy today for a free consultation on your concrete coating job!

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