Concrete Flooring Services in Tracy, CA

For amazing concrete floors in Tracy, ask for the experts at West Coast Epoxy! This complete concrete flooring business performs any and all of the services home and business owners want to make concrete foundations stronger, stain-proof, waterproof and decorative. With the assistance of West Coast Epoxy, you can request any of the listed projects:

Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy floor coatings are durable and colorful, with thousands of color and pattern possibilities offered. Different types of epoxies offer strength for the specific challenges expected by your concrete floors. Anti-slip coats are provided if wanted.
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Coved Floors

Floors with CovesIf protection for walls and corners is needed, West Coast Epoxy provides coved flooring. Raised above the floor, coves add liquid resistance to walls. It also stops bumps in drywall, paint, and plaster.
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Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete PolishingNow your concrete surfaces can be shiny! Applying the most recent materials, West Coast Epoxy takes boring concrete and makes it exciting! To start we grind the concrete floor smooth until it shines. Next we add pleasing colors and coatings that intensify the shine. The resulting product is far more enduring and simpler to maintain.
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Metallic Style Flooring

Metallic Style FlooringWith metallic coatings, the end look is a smooth, brilliant finish with noteworthy depth. No two floors ever look the same. Let West Coast Epoxy imagine a style all your own!
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Custom Flooring Projects

For more info about concrete coating in Tracy from West Coast Epoxy, contact us today for a free consultation at 916-531-1874 or inquire for help with our online request form.
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