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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy FlooringView our gallery pages and you will note that West Coast Epoxy has provided epoxy flooring for many different types of warehouses, offices, and industrial buildings. Every commercial project comes with its own demands, based on the type of business and the client’s needs. With considerable experience applying epoxy coatings for Sacramento and Northern California businesses, West Coast Epoxy is equipped to match the right product and methods to your specific situation.

Durability for Commercial Use

Commercial and industrial grade epoxy flooring requires a thicker application of the polymers that coat your concrete. Depending on the expected levels of traffic and mechanical wear, the grade of topcoat and thickness are selected. Commercial flooring also requires careful consideration of how the floor is used and what products or services the client provides. Epoxy coatings and protective topcoats can be applied with any of the following attributes:

  • Acid-resistant,
  • Heat-resistant,
  • Maximum water-resistance,
  • UV resistant,
  • Oil resistant,
  • Slip resistant,
  • Scratch resistant.

During the consultation phase, West Coast Epoxy determines what types of resistance your concrete needs to last for the long-term, protecting your capital investment and limiting maintenance requirements.

Colors for Safety and Information

Many businesses take advantage of the wide variety of color and pattern possibilities with epoxy flooring to incorporate vital information right into their floors. For industrial buildings, safety zones, hazard zones, walkways and work areas can all be delineated by striping or color applied directly to the floor. This limits accidents and improves safety records.

For informational purposes, epoxy flooring can be designed with specific colors for set areas, or with striping that indicates pathways to specific departments or destinations.

Coved Flooring for Wall Protection

Coved floors act as wall and corner protection by extending the durable epoxy surface up onto the walls to a height selected by the client. Coved flooring thereby provides two different forms of protection. First, it protects walls from carts, lifts, dollies, and other wheeled carriers. Second, it makes the lower parts of the wall waterproof, essential where constant cleaning is necessary to maintain a sanitary and sterile environment.

For more information on how West Coast Epoxy can protect your concrete floors while making them a vital part of your building’s interior design, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.
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