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Concrete Flooring Services in Mountain House, CA

For expressive concrete floors in Mountain House, ask for the professionals at West Coast Epoxy! This complete concrete flooring installer provides any and all of the services property owners need to make concrete foundations durable, stain-free, water resistant, and colorful. With the assistance of West Coast Epoxy, property owners can finish any of the following projects:

Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy installations by West Coast Epoxy in Mountain House come with a lifetime adhesion warranty. We declare it the “no peeling promise”! Unlimited epoxy color combinations are available and you can request an anti-slip coating when required.
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Concrete Polishing

Concrete PolishingNow your concrete surfaces can shine! Using the latest materials, West Coast Epoxy takes bland concrete and makes it fabulous! Initially we grind the concrete floor smooth until it shines. Then we add lustrous colors and coatings that increase the brilliance. The resulting final product is much more lasting and simpler to sanitize.
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Coved Flooring

Floors with CovesIf protection for corners and walls is needed, West Coast Epoxy provides coved flooring. Raised above the foundation, coving adds waterproofing to walls. It also protects from dings in plaster, paint, and drywall.
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Metallic Flooring

Metallic Style FlooringWith metallic flooring, the end style is a polished, glass-like finish with surprising depth. No two floors will ever look the same. Let West Coast Epoxy create a style all your own!
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Concrete Staining

Give concrete the appearance of wood, or other natural products, with colorful stains and a resilient coating. West Coast Epoxy offers a collection of hues that are completely acid-free. We focus on durability, safety, and quality.
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Concrete Overlays

For some concrete, our professional grinding method is not enough to prep the concrete for concrete polishing, staining, or epoxy flooring. If required, West Coast Epoxy prepares your floor by applying a concrete overlay. This provides a flat surface that ensures any new flooring will have a useful and long life.
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Anti-Slip Finishes

The majority of work accidents feature slips and falls. If you have an area in your business or home that is prone to be wet or oily, it’s vital to use preventative measures. West Coast Epoxy provides different grades of anti-slip finishes for concrete dependent on the need.
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Moisture Remediation

Joints or cracks in your concrete that don’t fully dry suggest a supply of moisture beneath your slab. Don’t try to cover over the problem with tile, carpet, wood, or low-quality epoxy sealants. Absent a proper coating, the water works its way up, destroying whatever flooring material you put over the concrete. If the water problem is small, West Coast Epoxy can layer on a water barrier for concrete floors that prevents evaporation. Afterwards, the concrete floor is waterproof on the upper surface and can safely be overlaid with the floor covering of your choice.
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Urethane Concrete

Urethane cement is the toughest coating that West Coast Epoxy applies. It is even stronger than trowel grade epoxies. Urethane cement is an epoxy bound with a specially made cement that creates the flexibility of epoxy combined with the strength of concrete. It has noteworthy temperature resistance. We can also color it to your specs.
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