Epoxy Flooring in Vallejo, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringWest Coast Epoxy provides the highest quality epoxy concrete coating systems in Vallejo. After many years of field testing, we chose the best manufacturers and coatings available. While other companies may offer you less expensive products and materials, West Coast Epoxy knows that quality determines the strength and beauty of the end product.

Epoxy Flooring Installation

West Coast Epoxy starts an installation with diamond grinding that both cleans and preps the floor for the application of the epoxy. With concern for the cleanliness and air quality of your room, powerful industrial strength vacuums with HEPA filtration are used to remove all concrete dust. Excellent equipment ensures quality results.

After the preparation is finished, a wicking epoxy is applied to your concrete. This resilient material flows into all the small pores and hairline fissures in the concrete to cover it evenly. These faults increase the adhesion to your floor. Now your epoxy will preserve your concrete for its lifetime.

And the process doesn’t end there! After the epoxy is in place, we add the color, texture, and pattern choices you selected in advance. Lastly, we add a transparent topcoat that seals, protects, and preserves your new floor from ultraviolet light damage and scratching.

For Industrial, Commercial and Residential Clients

Learn how West Coast Epoxy restores and protects your concrete floors! By altering our techniques and materials, we serve Commercial, Industrial, and Residential customers. Give us a call or request a time for an on-site consult online. West Coast Epoxy serves homes and businesses in Vallejo, Northern California, and the West Coast!
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