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Trowel Grade Epoxy in Vallejo, CA

When Toughness is a Requirement

Trowel Grade EpoxyWhen excessive traffic or extreme demands are normal, the epoxy flooring needs a trowel grade application. It is the best technique available for ultimate toughness, designing a surface with double the thickness of our typical commercial or residential epoxy process. Floors that undergo much mass, such as from heavy-duty forklifts, should be covered with trowel grade epoxy as should concrete that comes into regular contact with corrosive or caustic chemicals.

One point about trowel grade epoxy is that as it is so thick, additional curing time is usually needed. There are simultaneously ideal conditions for laying trowel grade flooring.

  • Above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the epoxy will cure in 8 to 12 hours time and the protective clear coat that goes on top will cure in the same space of time. At that point, it is okay to walk on the epoxied coats, but the full cure takes seven days.
  • Under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes additional time for successful curing.
  • If the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the thickness of a trowel grade epoxy floor really should not be attempted.

So, a trowel grade epoxy project is definitely a late spring, summer, or early fall job.

Trowel grade coats are not for DIYs! Experience and skill are necessary, as well as high end troweling equipment. That is why West Coast Epoxy is here for you in Vallejo to bring the perfect materials and staff to do the job if trowel grade coats are needed. For additional details, dial us at 916-531-1874 or use our online request form.
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