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Coved Flooring Systems

Epoxy CovingSome work areas require a regular hose-down, or frequent mopping. Other floors regularly see considerable splashing of liquids due to cleaning, cooking or manufacturing. If those liquids make it to the corners and walls, they can seep into plaster or drywall, causing damage over time. What can you do to keep such liquid spills contained?

Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy offers a successful option that keeps those liquids from getting too far — coved flooring. Coving is the process of continuing your epoxy floor coating up the outlying walls, providing a continuous surface between the floor and the wall. Coving acts like the lip of your dinner plate, keeping any liquid from sliding out of bounds – like into the walls where it causes rot, mildew, mess and mold. That means you can not only protect your walls, but make them look great too!

Epoxy CovingAnd if your garage, work area, or industrial floor is not prone to hits from liquids or spills, coved flooring might still be an option to consider – not only for its professional look, but also for the protection and ease of mind it provides in case the unlikely happens. Coved flooring is also a great protectant for plaster and drywall that is regularly bumped or scuffed by carts or cleaning implements.

If you have questions about coved flooring or would like to know more about it, please give West Coast Epoxy a call, or schedule a free consultation online. We’d be happy to discuss how coved flooring can help beautify and protect your home or workplace.

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