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Concrete Flooring Services in Roseville, CA

Available in the Roseville area, West Coast Epoxy provides fresh and exciting flooring treatments for concrete surfaces of any shape, from small garages to large commercial workshops. If the foundation is old, stained, new, or cracked, we give it its own unique style and beauty whether inside or out. Using carefully selected components, as little as one day is needed to provide a stronger, beautiful concrete floor, efficiently done by West Coast Epoxy.

Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy concrete coatings are durable and colorful, with a great variety of pattern and color combinations available. Various kinds of epoxies provide protection for the specific threats expected by your concrete floors. Anti-slip epoxies are available if wanted.
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Coved Floors

Floors with CovesWhen protection for walls and corners is needed, West Coast Epoxy provides coved floors. Applied above the foundation, coves add water resistance to walls. It also prevents bumps in paint, plaster, and drywall.
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Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete PolishingNow your concrete surfaces can look glossy! Using the latest components, West Coast Epoxy takes dull concrete and makes it exciting! First we grind the concrete floor smooth until it looks shiny. Then we add stunning colors and coatings that heighten the luster. You will find the final product to be far more durable and easier to clean.
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Metallic Floors

Metallic Style FlooringWith metallic coatings, the final look is a fine, sparkling finish with fascinating dimensionality. No two floors ever look similar. Let West Coast Epoxy help imagine a style to call your own!
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Staining Concrete

Concrete StainingProvide concrete floors eye-catching hues or the soothing look of wood or stone with concrete staining. West Coast Epoxy uses secure acid-free concrete colorants that don’t harm you, our staff or the surroundings. A thin protective coating can be selected to provide strength and greater color fastness.
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Concrete Overlays

Before applying epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, or concrete staining, it is critical to fix an uneven concrete foundation by renovating it with a concrete overlay. Overlaying concrete requires preparing a formula of sand, cement, and polymers. The polymers bond the overlay to the original surface. The final product is a smooth floor.
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Anti-Slip Finishes

If floors are likely to be wet or slick due to any cause, your concrete requires an anti-slip finish. West Coast Epoxy suggests this finish outdoors and indoors, for businesses and homes, anywhere fluids are likely present. Many expensive injuries happen because of slips and falls. Ask for the intensity of textures that matches the situation based on samples that we present.
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Moisture Barriers

Moisture in your concrete is a major problem. Most floor coverings are completely destroyed by water seeping through unprotected concrete. When you plan to cover a concrete floor, verify that there isn’t a water problem. West Coast Epoxy always lays on epoxy coatings including a water barrier. This makes a floor designed for any kind of flooring. West Coast Epoxy can apply this protection on any manner of foundation, even new concrete.
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Urethane Concrete

Urethane concrete is the most long-lasting type of coating that West Coast Epoxy lays on. The diameter of urethane cement coats is stretched to limits not seen with commonplace epoxy coatings, yet the material keeps its ability to be formed for application with coved and beveled flooring. By adding a thick layer of urethane concrete over the surface, not only do you strengthen the floor, but you also strengthen its thermal resistance. That makes urethane concrete perfect for multiple environments.
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