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Concrete Flooring Services in Orinda, CA

Serving in the Orinda area, West Coast Epoxy provides special flooring applications for concrete surfaces of any size or shape, from small rooms to vast commercial or industrial buildings. If the surface is new, old, cracked or stained, we make it look special, outdoors and in. Applying modern ingredients, as little as one day is needed to lay down a durable, expressive concrete floor, wonderfully made by West Coast Epoxy.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy concrete coatings are protective and colorful, with a vast array of color and pattern possibilities provided. Many kinds of epoxies provide resilience for the specific hazards faced by your concrete floors. Anti-slip coatings are provided if specified.
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Coved Flooring

Floors with CovesWhen protection for walls and corners is needed, West Coast Epoxy provides coved flooring. Run above the floor, coving adds liquid resistance to walls. It also halts nicks in paint, plaster, and drywall.
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Polishing Concrete

Concrete PolishingNow your concrete surfaces can shine! Using the most recent components, West Coast Epoxy takes bland concrete and makes it decorative! First we grind the concrete surface smooth until it looks glossy. Next we add gorgeous colors and protectants that intensify the lustre. The end result is far more long-lasting and simpler to sanitize.
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Metallic Floors

Metallic Style FlooringFor the utmost sheen, inquire about metallic flooring! Create depth and dimensionality on your floors by requesting this vibrant option. The treatment is like concrete polishing, but the end product provides a whole new level of brilliance.
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Concrete Color Stains

Concrete StainingGive concrete the appearance of tile, or other natural products and materials, with color stains and a protective coating. West Coast Epoxy offers a choice collection of colors that are 100% acid-free. We focus on safety, durability and quality.
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Anti-Slip Finishes

If floors are likely to be oily or wet due to some reason, your floor must have an anti-slip finish. West Coast Epoxy recommends this finish indoors and outdoors, for businesses and homes, anywhere liquids are commonly used. Many expensive injuries happen because of falls and slips. Select the texture that meets your requirements based on samples that we present.
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Moisture Remediation

Water in your concrete is a big problem. Most floor coverings are damaged by moisture seeping through unprotected concrete. If you plan to cover a concrete floor, confirm that there isn’t a water problem. West Coast Epoxy always applies epoxy coatings with a water barrier which prepares the foundation for the floor covering of your choice. We can apply this protection on any type of foundation, even new concrete.
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Urethane Concrete

Urethane cement is the most long-lasting kind of coating that West Coast Epoxy layers on. The depth of urethane concrete coats is stretched to limits not seen with ordinary epoxy coatings, yet the substance keeps the ability to be used for application with beveled and coved floors. By installing a thick layer of urethane cement over the concrete, not only do you strengthen the floor, but you also strengthen its temperature resistance. This makes urethane concrete perfect for various locations.
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Free Concrete Assessment

For more details about concrete flooring in Orinda from West Coast Epoxy, contact us now for a free concrete assessment at 916-531-1874 or ask for assistance with our online request form.
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