Concrete Flooring Services in Davis, CA

Working in the Davis area, West Coast Epoxy performs amazing flooring treatments for concrete floors of any diameter, from small garages to enormous business properties. If the surface is old, cracked, new, or stained, we make it appear decorative, outdoors and in. Applying modern materials, as little as one full day is necessary to finish an enduring, amazing concrete floor, professionally done by West Coast Epoxy.

Concrete Epoxy Coatings

Concrete Epoxy FlooringEpoxy concrete coatings are durable and decorative, with a wide array of color and pattern combos available. Many types of epoxies provide protection for the special complications experienced by your concrete floors. Anti-slip coats are provided if specified.
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Coved Floors

Floors with CovesCoved concrete for industrial or commercial and residential requests in Davis is a specialty of West Coast Epoxy. With coved floors, we run the epoxy coatings from two inches to 6 inches (or even more) up the wall. This protects paint, plaster, and drywall at the base from damage or bumps.
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Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete PolishingThe plain appearance of concrete is made over with polishing! Polishing concrete makes it smooth and lustrous. Applied color and protective coatings enhance the appearance and protect the sheen.
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Metallic Flooring

Metallic Style FlooringWith metallic flooring, the final look is a smooth, mirror-like finish with noted depth. No two floors will ever look alike. Let West Coast Epoxy make a style to call your own!
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