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Epoxy Flooring For Offices in Richmond, CA

Office EpoxyBrowse our gallery pages and you will notice that West Coast Epoxy has made available epoxy flooring for various different types of office installations. Every professional job comes with its own specifications, based on the type of business and the client’s requirements. With much expertise adding epoxy topcoats for Richmond and surrounding businesses, West Coast Epoxy is ready to match the right product and procedures to your specific situation. Consider the following features that come standard or can be applied to any epoxy coating.

The Pros of Epoxy Office Floors

Epoxy coats are extremely protective and UV resistant, useful both outdoors and in. Epoxy-coated concrete is waterproof, stain-proof and can also be produced chemical resistant. Epoxy flooring is affordable, especially for large office spaces and certainly when you consider the simplicity of care. Slip-resistant epoxies are applied where liquids or inclines are usual. Colors and patterns are provided in a vast range, suitable for all color schemes or style plans. Coved flooring is offered where demanded for cleanliness and wall protection. Application time for epoxy coatings is short, minimizing downtime for your business during renovations and enabling expedited construction timetables with new structures.

Where Can Our Office Add Epoxy Floors?

To create a favorable first impression, many offices create impressive entryways featuring epoxy flooring. Waiting rooms, lobbies, and hallways are also perfect applications for epoxy coatings. For the kitchen areas, break rooms, or bathrooms, epoxy flooring makes care straightforward. If your company must have a clean room free of dust and microorganisms, epoxy flooring provides a seamless surface that is effortlessly cleaned and maintained.

Trust West Coast Epoxy to provide you with office concrete flooring that is exceptional. We provide consultations quickly and at your convenience and our estimates are competitive and honest. We encourage you to read the pictures on our website to see how epoxy flooring can help your workplace stand out from your competitors. Call West Coast Epoxy at (916) 531-1874 or contact us online for any size service in Richmond.
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