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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Richmond, CA

Many diners in Richmond have a concrete surface for their kitchen flooring. Some owners have decided to renovate their kitchens by tearing out their vinyl tiles or flooring to expose the concrete and apply epoxy coats instead. In addition, some restaurants currently being built or renovated use epoxy floors for their kitchens as the first upgrade. So, here is a list of ordinary questions and answers about epoxy topcoats in the kitchen.

Rough Concrete Underfoot?

Tile floors are not recognized for being comfortable. Epoxy flooring, however, can be adapted so that it has a sense of give as you stroll on it. Regardless of the type of coating used underneath, most cafes and industrial kitchens opt for rubber matting to soften the legs and feet.

Is Coated Concrete Easy to Sanitize?

Epoxy floors are seamless, so no food or bacteria can hide between seams, cracks, or grout lines. Microorganisms have little to hold onto. Restaurant kitchen employees love the ability to easily rinse the floors by hosing them down with water, then using a squeegee to send the water down the drain. By selecting the option of coved floors, the base of your walls is also defended from spills and bumps. A quick mopping with water and cleaning solvent is all that is required to pick up spills and ensure cleanliness.

Isn’t Epoxy Too Slippery for Kitchens?

The coating on any concrete floor can be customized to enhance the traction. Certainly, a high gloss concrete floor like you see in an office building or retail store may be slippery and treacherous when wet, but in kitchens we do not lay down the same coatings as we use in locations that prioritize looks over friction. That does not mean that your floor looks commercial or feels like it is made with grit. The science behind epoxy sealants is far beyond that and offers us many lovely methods of preventing slippery floors that are authorized by expert building designers.

Ask for Epoxy Flooring in Your Kitchen

Concrete is never ordinary when you request West Coast Epoxy to color your kitchen floors. For a secure and practical work kitchen color-stained concrete or epoxy floors can meet your specifications with an attractive style that competes very well with other surfaces. If you have other inquiries about concrete in the kitchen, connect with West Coast Epoxy for more information. We look forward to assisting you in discovering the benefits of concrete flooring with industrial kitchens.
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