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Epoxy Flooring in Richmond, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringSeveral companies provide different types of epoxy flooring systems for concrete floors – but not all suppliers are equal. With years spent studying all the products available, West Coast Epoxy knows exactly which ones to use in Richmond. We lay down only the perfect quality products and materials, so you may be assured that your floors will stand hard use while looking great!

Epoxy Flooring Installation

West Coast Epoxy starts an installation with diamond grinding that both scours and prepares the floor for the applying of the epoxy. With concern for the cleanliness and air quality of your room, efficient professional strength vacuums with HEPA filters collect dust. Quality equipment ensures excellent results.

Afterwards, our installer applies a wicking epoxy that works its way into the pores and irregularities in your concrete to effectively adhere itself permanently. Once it dries, this epoxy is attached to the concrete for life! No peeling, no bubbling, guaranteed!

After the epoxy step is done, then comes the color coat. This is when your designated options in pattern, color and texture are laid. Lastly, a transparent topcoat covers it all to seal it and lend protection from UV damage and scrapes.

For Residential, Industrial and Commercial Customers

Find out how West Coast Epoxy renews and protects your concrete surfaces! By adjusting our process and materials and products, we serve Residential, Commercial, and Industrial clientele. Give us a call or schedule a time for a visit online. West Coast Epoxy serves home and businesses in Richmond, Northern California, and the West Coast!
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