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Trust the Epoxy Flooring Installation Process

A tidy garage interior with a textured grey terrazzo floor. The walls are adorned with a horizontal stripe and have several mounted shelves holding various items, including storage boxes and a toolbox. A workbench area with a cabinet and a countertop is situated on the right side, next to a white door. The garage door's mechanical components are visible overhead. Epoxy flooring is always a great choice for garages and more!

Epoxy coatings are renowned for their durability, chemical resistance, and broad customization options. This makes epoxy coatings an optimal flooring solution for various settings. West Coast Epoxy is dedicated to a detailed, effective application process that results in long-term adherence and satisfaction.

Concrete Preparation

Correct preparation is fundamental. West Coast Epoxy begins by meticulously grinding the concrete surface with advanced diamond grinders to create a uniform surface. This step is essential for opening the concrete’s pores, increasing the bonding capability of the epoxy. Simultaneously, industrial vacuums equipped with HEPA filters remove concrete dust, maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Applying Epoxy

Following preparation, a wicking epoxy is applied. This epoxy type penetrates any pores and hairline cracks, establishing a robust bond. This secures the epoxy to the concrete permanently. This application of a high-quality base layer of epoxy is critical for preventing future peeling or bubbling, thereby enhancing the floor’s longevity.

Customized Preferences

After ensuring the base layer’s integrity, customization begins. West Coast Epoxy collaborates in advance with clients to select ideal colors and textures to match the intended aesthetic of the space. With a wide range of vibrant colors and possibilities for patterns and textures, the look and feel of the concrete floor is truly customized.

Time for the Topcoat

After adding the personalized color layer, a durable topcoat seals it in. This topcoat augments the floor’s appearance and provides additional protection against physical wear, ultraviolet light, and corrosive substances, further extending the floor’s lifespan. The topcoat’s level of clarity is adjustable, providing options like a stained glass look or crystal-clear views to the customizations underneath.

Optional Attributes

Understanding the importance of safety, West Coast Epoxy offers enhancements such as non-slip finishes. Non-slip finishes encourage safety under various environmental conditions like wet or uneven floors. For comprehensive protection, options like coved flooring extend the epoxy coating up the walls, which helps prevent water intrusion and simplifies maintenance.

Initiate Your Flooring Project

West Coast Epoxy’s commitment to this process and quality assurance makes us an ideal provider for epoxy flooring in Sacramento. Our process, designed to ensure satisfaction and durability, is ready to transform your concrete floors into both a functional and decorative component of your space. To start the process, simply contact West Coast Epoxy. Visit our website or call us directly to schedule a free onsite consultation. Our team is ready to assist you in enhancing your property with high-quality, durable epoxy flooring.

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