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Anti-Slip Finish in Richmond, CA

When Falling Down Is Not an Option

It is a demonstrated fact that some of the most costly accidents take place because of slips and falls. When surfaces are often coated with grease, water, oil, or other slick substances, the floor requires an anti-slip finish. West Coast Epoxy recommends this finish for any and all locations where floors are exposed to liquids because an anti-slip finish plays a sizable role in preventing such unfortunate outcomes.

The grip finish we offer comes in two different grades and you can decide which grade of texture fits your purpose based on samples that West Coast Epoxy provides. The finish gives exceptional grip, even in wet conditions or on steep slopes.

As flooring experts, we are well aware of the safety regulations involved in Richmond. West Coast Epoxy can thus help you make good decisions on where to put grip flooring in your business, industrial building, or home. Trust us to make your property a safer environment for everybody using it!
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