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Garage Floor Epoxy in Richmond, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringIf you wish to enhance your garage’s appearance and preserve its concrete floor from colors, epoxy coatings are the ideal solution! Over time, concrete floors can become discolored due to coolant leaks, tire marks, oil drips, and other unwanted colorants that are difficult to clean. But it does not have to be that way! West Coast Epoxy is prepared to help you restore and make over your garage floor with our excellent epoxy coatings throughout Richmond and the surrounding areas.

Preventing and Removing Stains with Epoxy Flooring

For new concrete floors, all it takes is selecting your preferred colors, requesting any chosen patterns, and then allowing our professional team apply your options to your garage surface. For old, stained, or cracked floors, our professional technicians use modern techniques to grind away the old blemishes. If needed, we repair any challenges in the floor with a good overlay. When we add your epoxy flooring, we make sure there is an enduring bond between the floor and the epoxy to provide strong protection. We guarantee that your garage floor will remain free of bubbling or peeling providing a lifetime of durability.

Epoxy Color, Pattern, and Strength Possibilities

Our epoxy coatings come in a plentiful range of colors, which you can match to your desired preference. West Coast Epoxy also provides extras for your epoxy coatings such as colored flakes, dazzling metallic tints, or color micas of your choice. We can add directional markers or the colors and patterns of your favorite sports team to make your personalized garage flooring. You can also choose your preferred resilient topcoat based on your own unique needs. Whether you desire a fast-setting epoxy, UV resistance with chemical protection for your line of work, or a deep coating to handle large machinery, West Coast Epoxy has the result you need for your garage floor!

Customer Service for Your Epoxy Flooring Needs

Our Richmond customers have consistently rated our business as noteworthy. We quickly manage all requests for information and we’re prepared to present a complimentary site visit, consultation and quote. Whatever the size or shape of your garage, you can expect a fresh application done with a skilled process when you opt for West Coast Epoxy. Call us today to find out how you can transform your garage floor with epoxy coatings and keep it spotless and guarded for years to come!
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