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Safe Flooring for Children

Little child laying on the floor playing with a toy car. In the background is a bench and toy box indicating it is a daycare or playroom. There are 2 green plants sitting on the window sill. Epoxy flooring is a great, safe flooring for playrooms, schools and childcare centers.

Do you drop your precious children off at a school or daycare environment nearly every day? One of the primary concerns for parents is the safety of their children. And a major consideration in safety is whether the facility is clean and well-maintained.

If you are a school or daycare provider, you too are concerned about building safety for your students and staff members. Are hazards for slips and falls addressed? Is necessary maintenance easy, or is it costly? Will the floors last a long time, or do energetic children lead to constant repairs and replacement? An excellent way to address safety and maintenance concerns is by considering epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy coatings provide an extra level of safety for the surface everyone uses the most — the floor!

Provide Safe Floors

Whether walking, running, jumping, playing, dancing, or exercising, the surface our feet come in contact with is an important one. Did you know that in the United States slips and falls are the leading cause of injury among children up to age 14? In fact, injuries due to youths falling lead to approximately 2 million ER visits and over 30,000 hospitalizations each year!

Some young ones are still learning how to balance when walking, while others are getting used to their growing feet. Some simply do not learned move with grace, and are clumsy or accident-prone. Good shoes, practice, and dance classes may help with these challenges, but the surface they walk on has a lot to do with it.

A Surface that Helps You Keep a Grip

Is the surface sticky or slippery? Are there tripping hazards with uneven walking areas such as bumps, dips, cracks, or crevices? West Coast Epoxy has solutions for uneven concrete and slippery surfaces! A properly prepared and epoxied floor provides one continuous surface, eliminating uneven spots in the floor that cause trips and stumbles.

Anti-slip texturing is also recommended for your epoxy coating. Texture is easily accomplished by using diverse colors, types, and sizes of granules in your epoxy coating. This is helpful in areas where floor surfaces are likely to get wet, such as near sinks, water fountains, or eating areas. Topcoats are also available that are designed to provide traction, while still cleaning up easily.

A Floor That Marks It Up!

Directional markers can be incorporated directly into the coated floor surface. These markers can indicate areas of travel, safe zones, and hazard zones such as door entryways. Positional markers help keep children safely spaced when waiting their turn, or when participating in physical activities.

Colors and More Colors!

One of the great benefits of epoxy flooring is the variety of colors that are available. From professional to fun, you can opt for colors that match school or organizational colors and logos. Perhaps you prefer colors that stimulate learning, imagination, creativity, activity, calm, or growth. The choice in color and patterns is up to you!

Choose Safety with Epoxy Coatings

Ready to make floor safety a priority for your school or daycare center? Contact West Coast Epoxy! We are experts in indoor epoxy floor coatings and are excited to collaborate with you on your youth center design. Texture, beauty, and safety can all be yours with customized epoxy coating designs from West Coast Epoxy!

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