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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Folsom, CA

Plentiful professional kitchens use tile on their floors. But a recent style in Folsom is peeling off old tiles, uncovering the foundation underneath, grinding it perfect, and adding epoxy coatings. Even so, certain people hesitate when considering epoxy topcoats in commercial kitchens. So, we would like to respond to some common questions about epoxy floors in kitchens.

Isn’t Concrete Rough on the Feet and Legs?

Tile flooring is not known for being comfortable. Epoxy flooring however can be modified so that it has a feel of give as you step on it. Regardless of the type of coating used underneath, most diners and industrial-grade kitchens choose rubber mats to soften the legs and feet.

Is Coated Concrete Easy to Maintain?

Epoxy flooring has no cracks or joints, so there is no place for hair, dirt, bacteria, old food, or other contaminants to get stuck. There’s no grout to scrub and scour. Ordinarily, all epoxy floors need for cleaning and maintenance is a good mopping. In addition, adding coved flooring extends the strength of epoxy coats up the walls of your kitchen from a matter of inches to more than a foot, protecting your walls and floors from spills and bumps with carts and delivery dollies.

Are Epoxy Floors Okay for Work?

It’s undeniable that shiny epoxy floors in showrooms and retail stores can be slippery when wet, but their floors focus on looks, not practicality. That does not hold true when you use epoxy topcoats for a kitchen floor. By adding roughness or a no-slip finish to your epoxy coatings, your floor can have more anti-slip than ceramic tile or vinyl. In fact, many commercial kitchens in restaurants use epoxy coatings because they offer tougher friction with the proper topcoat.

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Concrete is never boring when you request West Coast Epoxy to colorize your kitchen floors. For a secure and functional work kitchen color-stained concrete or epoxy floors can match your needs with an eye-catching style that competes very well with other surfaces. If you have other questions about epoxy in the kitchen, connect with West Coast Epoxy for more information. We look forward to helping you find out the advantages of concrete coatings with industrial kitchens.
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