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Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Folsom, CA

Metallic Style FlooringBring the beauty of metallic paint to your concrete foundations with the additional resilience and toughness of epoxy coatings from West Coast Epoxy. Create floors with breathtaking iridescence, shine, pearlescence, depth, swirl and metallic sparkle. The ordinary concrete floor in your lobby, showroom, home, hallway or gym can appear like clouds, waves, flowing liquids, or the depths of deep space.

What Creates the Brilliance?

Metallic epoxies combine durable glossy coats with colorful undercoats and sparkling metal or mica nanoparticles. In addition to picking different colors of floor coatings, you can also decide upon different colored nanoparticles for a variety of special effects. Here are some of the choices:

  • Iridescence— Birds like peacocks or hummingbirds have iridescent feathers. The colors of the feathers alter as either you or the bird moves in the light. When iridescence is applied to epoxy coatings, it’s the floor that changes hues as you stroll through the room.
  • Pearlescence— Akin to iridescence, pearlescence is more subtle in the color alteration effect, resembling the lustre of pearls or abalone shells. This optical effect reminds you of looking through a prism or the vibrance of rainbows.
  • Sparkle— Metallic and mica flakes are especially known for this effect. By altering the size or number of nanoparticles, and their color, you decide upon the resulting sparkling.
  • Gloss— While sparkle is like star twinkle, gloss represents the reflection of light from surfaces. Epoxy flooring is known for creating a quality shine, but metallic flooring takes it to a completely new level! Although much depends on the design, maximum shine is possible with metallic flooring.
  • Depth— Depending on the arrangement of the epoxy layers, and by aggregating the mica or metal flakes accordingly, your floor can come to life with the third dimension! The illusions of depth, clouds, movement, waves, currents, and more are suggested with expertly applied metallic epoxies.

Using a metallic floor design from West Coast Epoxy, you are certain that your floor will be like no others! To see the amazing possibilities with metallic floor coatings, contact the professional installers at West Coast Epoxy for metallic flooring in Folsom.
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