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Concrete Overlays in Folsom, CA

Years of wear and consistent use take a toll on any floor, including concrete. If left unmaintained, a concrete floor ordinarily develops pits, cracks, and uneven surfaces. Before laying a color stain, sealant, or epoxy coating, it’s critical to repair problematic concrete by resurfacing with a concrete overlay. Rely on West Coast Epoxy to improve your floor in Folsom!

West Coast Epoxy is very experienced with this procedure. Overlaying concrete correctly requires preparing a unique formula of cement, polymers, and sand. The polymers guarantee the overlay maintains a permanent bond with the original surface, while the cement flattens everything out, allowing for a perfectly level plane. Also, the overlay ingredients can be modified to make it easier to apply a specific coating, whether it’s an epoxy coating or sealant.

Concrete resurfacing is best left to pros since it’s challenging to get a smooth finish and enduring results. The specific system used by West Coast Epoxy, combined with professional equipment, experience, and materials, leads to a better product and greater resilience for your new concrete floor. For more information and a free estimate, call us in Folsom at 916-531-1874.
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