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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Folsom, CA

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

If your Folsom company is industrial, you want flooring that is secure and durable. Many business owners figure that ordinary concrete is such a surface, but repeated tremors, heavy loads, sudden impacts or caustic chemicals all create real stresses on a floor. This leads to flying chips, crevices, wear, and stains. By carefully considering the variety of forces placed on concrete by each industry, epoxy researchers invented coatings to protect foundations from almost any challenge. As an experienced epoxy coating company in Folsom, West Coast Epoxy is familiar with these materials and has the necessary team to efficiently treat new concrete, or to renovate and protect old concrete for industrial expectations.

Needs of Industrial Epoxy

Epoxy coatings provide the toughness necessary to preserve and protect concrete flooring. Trowel grade epoxies provide a strengthening shield between the underlying concrete and the tremors, frictions and shocks that are a regular part of industrial operations. Epoxy coatings absorb a part of these forces, acting as a shield above the concrete.

Chemical protection is another consideration, based on the type of industry. By adjusting the ingredients of an epoxy mix, coatings are made that withstand the harshest acids or bases. Additional formulations protect against solvents or oils. Explain your concern and West Coast Epoxy has an industrial solution!

Of foremost concern is the safety of employees and visitors to your industrial building. Epoxy coatings provide the opportunity to create colored zones and lanes of traffic that clearly mark out where vehicles, materials and people should and should not be on the work floor and in warehouses. Non-slip surfaces are a must for oily or wet environments and slopes become safer if coated with textured materials. Discuss your specifications for industrial floor coatings with West Coast Epoxy and they can provide the answers and solutions you want!

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