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Concrete Polishing in Folsom, CA

Polished ConcreteWhen you want your floor to shine like glass, you need look no further than the concrete polishing technique used by West Coast Epoxy in Folsom. We use only the latest in concrete technology to stain, polish and seal your newly colored concrete flooring.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Our polishing treatment always begins with an aggressive grinding treatment to the utmost layer of the concrete. This step removes spots, blemishes and other imperfections. During the grinding process, we use an industrial vacuum to remove all dust from escaping into the air or landing on other surfaces. We now detect any cracks or other faults and refloat these, creating a level surface on which to proceed. All of these steps prepare your flooring to strongly adhere to color and sealer, creating a mirror like finish. Your floor will now be infused with your preselected color. We will vary how thickly the color is applied based on your desired finish.  Lastly comes floor sealing. For areas that are expected to receive higher amounts of traffic, we will apply a thicker layer of sealer to ensure long lasting durability.

Once these steps are complete, your colorful and highly reflective flooring will be protected against wear, scratching and stains. You will find your polished concrete flooring to be very low maintenance while looking beautiful in your home, business or industrial warehouse.

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