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Coved Flooring Systems in Folsom, CA

Floors with CovesCoved Flooring

Some areas of a property require a regular liquid wash or frequent mop cleaning. Others see much splashing of liquids due to manufacturing, processing or cooking. When liquids seep into drywall or plaster, they lead to damage with time. Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy performs an option that stops fluids from penetrating — coved flooring. Coving stretches your epoxy floor coating up the wall, making a seamless surface from wall to wall. Like the lip of a plate, coving keeps liquids from sliding “out of bounds.”

Benefits of Coving

Coving has a number of benefits, especially for cleaning and maintenance and building endurance. This floor level barrier preserves the integrity of the structure and stops the growth of bacteria and mold. It simplifies cleaning by enabling wall to wall sanitation without concern for exterior finishes.

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