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Concrete Overlays

Years of wear and constant use take a toll on any floor, including concrete. If left by itself, a concrete floor often develops pits, cracks, and uneven or unlevel surfaces. Before adding a color stain, sealant or epoxy coating, it’s important to even out a problematic concrete floor by resurfacing it with a concrete overlay.

Thankfully, West Coast Epoxy is very familiar with this procedure. Overlaying new concrete correctly involves preparing a special mixture of cement, sand and polymers. The polymers ensure the overlay keeps a permanent bond to the original layer, while the concrete and sand even out the surface, resulting in a smooth, level plane. We can also add color and decorations to the concrete overlay. Additionally, this mixture can be modified to give the overlay characteristics that make it easier to apply concrete stains, polish or epoxy.

Applying a concrete overlay might sound like something you could do yourself. However, getting just the right mixture is delicate and difficult — if not done right, the overlay peels or chips off, resulting in something worse than the original. West Coast Epoxy has extensive experience making just the right overlay mixture for any floor with high-end equipment and top-quality materials and then applying it smoothly and evenly for a perfect surface.

Whether you merely want a concrete overlay or plan to use it as a first step on improving your concrete floor, contact West Coast Epoxy. We are happy to discuss all your options in person, over the phone and online.

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