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Residential Epoxy Flooring in Moraga, CA

Epoxy FloorEven though homeowners typically don’t subject their floors to the wear common in commercial buildings, residences still benefit from the appearance and toughness of epoxy coatings for concrete floors. Easily, the most common use of epoxy coating for residences is in the garage or carport, where epoxy stops unsightly oil stains. It simultaneously decorates the otherwise grey look of the largest room in the residence.

But homeowner epoxy flooring is for more than just the garage. It’s also handy for coating floors in the following locations of homes:

  • Dens
  • Basements
  • Workrooms
  • Mop rooms

In effect, anywhere you have a concrete foundation that needs a strong, decorative covering, West Coast Epoxy can help. We do not limit our work to big projects. Whether you have a multi-car garage or a small area with a big vision for improvement, we are pleased to visit homes promptly to give honest, competitive quotes.

Compare our testimonials and you will realize that West Coast Epoxy offers a quick, free quote and epoxy coatings consultation in Moraga. Our gallery of pictures illustrates the wide variety of requests our skilled crew regularly finishes. Bring this high quality to your house by contacting West Coast Epoxy today!
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