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Epoxy Flooring in Moraga, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringMany companies provide different kinds of epoxy flooring systems for concrete floors – but not all providers are the same. After years spent examining almost all the materials and products distributed, West Coast Epoxy knows exactly which ones to install in Moraga. We utilize only the ultimate quality products and materials, so you may be assured that your floors will stand continuous use while looking beautiful!

Epoxy Flooring Installation

West Coast Epoxy uses a top-notch diamond grinder to prep your concrete. This cleans the floor and prepares it to connect right with the epoxy, creating a more resilient bond. To halt the spread of dust, we use a professional vacuum with efficient HEPA filtration to essentially remove any concrete particulates and keep your room spotless.

Next, we layer on a wicking epoxy that flows into the pores and hairline cracks in your floor to attach itself permanently. After it dries, the epoxy is adhered to your floor for life! No bubbling, no peeling, guaranteed!

After the epoxy step is done, then comes the color coat. This is when the previous choices in texture, color and pattern are layered. To finish, a transparent topcoat covers it all to seal it and give protection from weathering and scrapes.

For Industrial, Residential and Commercial Clients

By altering the height of the epoxy, the chemical components and the texture, West Coast Epoxy installs epoxy flooring suited for Industrial, Commercial and Residential use. A simple phone call or online request ensures a complimentary consultation to determine your needs. We serve residences and businesses in Moraga, as well as throughout Northern California and beyond.
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