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Moisture Remediation in Moraga, CA

Although hard, concrete is in reality porous. Water can be wicked up by concrete and move through it. Along the way, the water dissolves salts in the concrete and carries them to the surface. After the water reaches the surface and evaporates, the salts are left behind. This makes the unseemly white product that often forms on concrete called efflorescence. To stop efflorescence, you need concrete moisture remediation.

If you see joints or cracks in your floor that do not dry completely, this indicates a significant cache of moisture underneath your concrete. Some people try to mask the issue with ceramic tiles or DIY epoxy. Without a good sealant, however, the water finds a way through, resulting in loose tiles or coatings that bubble and peel away. Then the problem is worse and more expensive to resolve.

What to Do About Groundwater

Depending on the level of seriousness, you might need to resolve the water issue ahead of proceeding (sealing the slab may not prevent issues in the walls or other locations). If the situation is localized to the concrete, some cleanup and epoxy sealing should prevent moisture from accumulating. West Coast Epoxy adds a moisture barrier to our epoxy sealer that prevents delamination from water vapor. After the process is complete, the concrete foundation is indeed waterproof on top. So, you can confidently overlay it with tiles, wood, carpet, or laminates. The epoxy sealant makes sure your floor surface won’t be vulnerable to moisture again.

The moisture remediation process benefits a concrete floor of any age and is fast enough to prevent unwanted delays for planned remodels. If you have any worries about moisture remediation during your renovation or building project, please give West Coast Epoxy a call or schedule a free consultation online for help in Moraga.
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