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Epoxy Colors and Textures – Davis, CA

Colors and Textures for Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring for concrete allows for a surprising selection of color combinations. First, you have the base coat that covers the concrete. That is the primary color choice. Then comes choosing micas, granules or flakes to scatter onto the epoxy. These all have their own specific attributes and come in single colors or color mixes. Last of all, a clear topcoat seals everything together and protects your epoxy from stains, scratching and wear. Here are some features of each type of texture.


Chips of solid colors scattered in a randomized way contrast with your floor coat – and you don’t need to stop with a single type of flake. You can add flakes of various color possibilities to further decorate your floor, complementing your interior design. Develop your choices on sports team colors, logo colors, or something 100 percent personal. The possibilities are virtually endless!
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Micas for Epoxy Floors

Color micas give the style of granite, adding a metallic luster to the finish of the floor. Like color flakes, micas for epoxy floors are not limited to one color. For example, West Coast Epoxy can emulate the natural granite formation of your choice. Micas create a festive atmosphere in any living space, room or corridor.
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Color Granules

Color granules are sandy particles that lend texture to your otherwise glossy topcoat. This is important for installations with much oil, grease, water or other slippery liquids. Granules also create grip for inclined floors and any location where falls and slips are potential hazards. Granules are provided in solid colors or pleasing color combos.
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Special Orders Offered

Consider our individual pages dedicated for flakes, granules, or micas to learn more and to see your many choices. If you don’t see a color you want to employ, ask us about special orders. Manufacturers are regularly updating their offerings and the combo can likely be requested to your satisfaction.
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