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Coved Flooring Systems in Davis, CA

Floors with CovesDo you desire a seamless coved floors system that rises from the foundation and up the walls by 4 to 10 inches? Then look no further than West Coast Epoxy! We offer coved flooring for our clientele in Davis. All of our options for epoxy flooring and concrete polishing installations are available for coved flooring. That means West Coast Epoxy can make them with a finish that is designed for your every requirement, both decorative and practical.

Benefits of Coving

Coving has multiple pros, especially for maintenance, cleaning and building durability. This floor level barrier preserves the strength of the structure and prevents the development of mold and rot. It eases cleaning by enabling wall to wall sanitation without worry of damaging walls with unwanted moisture.

For more information about coved flooring, please call West Coast Epoxy, or inquire about a free consultation online. We are happy to talk about how coving helps protect and beautify a home or workplace. Consistent, rapid service is possible in Davis every week of the year.
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