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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Davis, CA

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial structures demand concrete floors that are longer lasting than average. Big equipment, continual traffic, potential spills and the desire for a clean workplace necessitate that the foundation be coated to prevent undue safety hazards, wear and stains. In consideration of industrial needs, epoxy scientists developed coatings to face these heavy-duty challenges. With assistance from West Coast Epoxy, enterprises in Davis can take advantage of these superior flooring materials to protect and preserve their building foundations.

Demands of Industrial Epoxy

Adding endurance is the most common requirement for industrial level flooring. Such treatment calls for the thickest applications of epoxy coatings. This usually leads to trowel grade epoxies that are equipped to be extra durable. The benefit of this material is that it better withstands surface stressors and strengthens the top layer of concrete with closely interconnected polymers that perform as a barrier to defend your building’s floor.

Certain industries want protection from chemical spills or vapors. Others need their floors to be impervious to oil and liquid absorption. Still others require well spotless rooms, without crevices, or pits in the concrete that can cover up contaminants. Epoxy flooring can solve all these problems, depending on the formulations employed in the topcoat. West Coast Epoxy has the solution to keep your floors sanitary and preserved from industrial operations.

Of paramount concern is the safety of workers and visitors to your industrial factory. Epoxy coatings offer the opportunity to create colored areas and lanes of traffic that distinctly mark where people, materials and vehicles should and should not be on the production floor and in warehouses. Non-slip floors are a must for wet or oily environments and inclines become safer when covered with materials that create traction. Discuss your needs for industrial floor coatings with West Coast Epoxy and we will provide the solutions you want!
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