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Found throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains and other parts of the globe, micas are a common rock mineral. Different micas are specific to certain geographical locations, providing a natural variety in color and luster. They offer a gentle twinkle to the granite formations in which they are embedded and can do the same for your epoxy floor. Micas also lend a granite-like texture and add a refined sheen to your chosen color combination. The result is a natural look with a subtle luster that effortlessly appeals to the eye.

As a mineral, micas bring additional benefits to your epoxy flooring, including:

  • Various color combinations;
  • Natural resistance to UV light and fading;
  • Strong chemical resistance;
  • Natural metallic shine;
  • Inherent durability.

Many customers in Northern California choose a mica combination that resembles the native granite formations near their work or home, allowing for a look that fits right in with the local surroundings. Others choose a look from their home town, or the colors of their favorite sports team with glistening highlights. Whatever color and texture you choose for your concrete floor, adding the sparkle of micas brings an extra level of beauty to your business or home, without extensive cost.

Feel free to explore your options by trying out different color and texture combinations here on our website. If you have an idea of a certain look or you’d love to see added to your epoxy floor, please give us a call and schedule a consultation. With the materials and experience available at West Coast Epoxy, we help our Sacramento customers find a perfectly fitting epoxy coating for their concrete floor.