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Once you choose your epoxy flooring and its color, you can enhance that design with color flakes. Color flakes are flat chips of material with random shapes and sizes. They usually are chosen to contrast with the base color of your epoxy floor, and you can even use two or three colors to complement the underlying base coat.

Benefits of Color Flakes

It is perfectly acceptable to use a solid color for your epoxy floor, but many customers enjoy the depth created by using flakes in the design. They provide a textured feel for your floor and add variety to the floor space. Along with these features, color flakes offer the following benefits:

  • Combinations blend in with multi-hue color schemes.
  • Color flakes are UV resistant.
  • Flakes do not have to compromise a smooth finish.
  • Random patterns hide imperfections in your concrete flooring.

Besides being featured in many different colors, flakes also vary in size — from one inch to as small as 1/32nd inch in diameter. All these dimensions in size and color are customizable, allowing for a variety limited only by your imagination. The design can reflect your company’s color scheme, your favorite sports team, your personal favorite colors, or even your preferred season.

However, not all color schemes are created equal. Feel free to try out different designs and colors here on our website to help you decide on just the right color flake combination for your concrete floor. Also, you can request a free consultation from West Coast Epoxy to benefit from our years of experience creating satisfying floor designs. We can help you find the perfect color combination to let your Sacramento garage or work area bring out the best for your business or home.