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Epoxy Colors and Textures – Danville, CA

Colors and Textures

Epoxy flooring for concrete advertises a fascinating variety of color combos. First, you have the base coat that covers the floor. Then comes picking flakes, micas or granules to scatter on top of the epoxy. These all have their own specific attributes and come in solitary colors or color mixes. Finally, a clear topcoat seals everything together and protects your epoxy floor from scratching, stains and wear. Here are some features of each manner of texture.

Color Flakes

Chips of single colors spread in a randomized manner contrast with your floor coat – and you do not need to stick with a single kind of flake. You can add flakes of a variety of color combos to further enliven your floor, matching your interiors. Develop your selections based on team colors, business colors, or something completely personal. The options are virtually endless!
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Micas for Epoxy Flooring

Color micas lend luster to a floor and really make it sparkle. Imagine how granite reflects sunlight, and you have the effect of mica. The Mayans prized the decorative qualities of mica, adding it to some of their structures for a sparkling effect. You may use this same technique by adding mica flakes for your epoxy floors.
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Granules for Epoxy Floors

Color granules are sand particles that provide texture to the otherwise smooth topcoat. This is important for rooms with much water, grease, oil or other slippery liquids. Granules also create grip for inclined floors and any space where falls and slips are potential dangers. Granules are provided in solid colors or pleasing color possibilities.
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Special Orders for Flakes, Micas or Granules

For more info about any of these design choices for epoxy flooring, feel free to keep reading their individual pages on our website. If you have a question about a certain color combination, we would love to discuss it. Please contact us online or give West Coast Epoxy a call at 916-531-1874.
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