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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Auburn, CA

Industrial EpoxyIndustrial properties require concrete floors that are longer lasting than average. Heavy equipment, continual traffic, potential spills, and the desire for a clean workplace necessitate that the foundation be coated to prevent undue stains, safety hazards, and wear. In consideration of industrial requirements, epoxy researchers invented coatings to solve these heavy-duty issues. With assistance from West Coast Epoxy, enterprises in Auburn can take advantage of these modern flooring materials to preserve and protect their building foundations.

Demands of Industrial Epoxy

Adding longevity is the common requirement for industrial level flooring. This treatment demands the thickest applications of epoxy coatings. This likely leads to trowel grade epoxies that are equipped to be extra durable. The benefit of such material is that it better endures surface stresses and strengthens the top layer of concrete with tightly interconnected polymers that perform as a safety net to preserve and protect your building’s floor.

Chemical protection is another concern, based on the manner of industry. By altering the ingredients of an epoxy mix, coatings are created that endure the harshest acids or bases. Additional formulations protect against oils or solvents. Name your concern and West Coast Epoxy has an industrial solution!

Safety in industry is required to protect life, health, and productiveness. Safety also reduces costs. Epoxy coatings are provided in a plentiful range of colors to clearly mark out safety zones, traffic lanes, and work areas. By applying permanent stripes, patterns, symbols, and hues, West Coast Epoxy delineates the entire facility in a useful way. Safety may also need non-slip floors. We can do that, depending on how we apply the topcoat. Trust our knowledge to make your industrial floor a better, safer place for visitors and employees.
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