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Epoxy Flooring in Auburn, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringWest Coast Epoxy lends the highest quality epoxy concrete flooring systems in Auburn. After many years of real field tests, we chose the highest providers and coatings offered. While other companies may use cheaper materials, West Coast Epoxy knows that quality decides the longevity and look of the end product.

Installing Epoxy Floors

West Coast Epoxy uses a high quality diamond grinder to prepare your floor. This cleans the concrete and prepares it to meld right with the epoxy, making a longer lasting bond. To stop the spread of concrete dust, we use a top notch vacuum with efficient HEPA filters to effectively eliminate any concrete particulates and keep the room pristine.

After the prep is completed, a wicking epoxy is laid onto the concrete. This resilient substance flows into all the minor pores and hairline fissures in the floor to cover it thoroughly. These faults increase the attachment to the floor. Now the epoxy will defend your floor for its lifetime.

After the epoxy application is finished, then comes the color coat. This is when the designated selections in design are layered. Lastly, a transparent topcoat covers it all to seal it and provide protection from ultraviolet light damage and scrapes.

For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Clients

By adjusting the height of the epoxy, the chemical ingredients and the texture, West Coast Epoxy installs epoxy flooring designed for Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. A simple phone call or online request ensures a free consultation to figure out your needs. We serve business and homes in Auburn, as well as throughout Northern California and beyond.
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