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Found throughout the mountain ranges of the world and California, micas are a common mineral but offer a natural variety in color and brilliance. They lend a gentle sparkle to the granite formations in which they are embedded and can do the same for your epoxy floor. Micas also provide a granite-like texture and refined sheen resulting in a natural style with a subtlety that easily appeals to the eyes.

Benefits of Color Micas

Some of the benefits of using color micas include:

  • Micas natural origin makes them UV light stable and colorfast.
  • They have outstanding chemical resistance.
  • A key feature of colored micas is their metallic brilliance.
  • Micas are very resilient and durable.
  • They are offered in a multitude of colors.

Many West Coast Epoxy clients in Santa Rosa choose a mica combination that has the appearance of the granite formations near their work or home, discovering a look that fits in with the local environment. Others select a look from their hometown rocks. Whatever color and texture you appoint for your concrete flooring, adding the shine of micas brings an extra level of beauty to your home and business, without extensive cost.
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