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Residential Epoxy Flooring in Santa Rosa, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringDespite the fact that homeowners typically don’t subject their floors to the overuse common in business structures, residences still benefit from the look and toughness of epoxy coatings for concrete floors. Easily, the most common use of epoxy coating for homeowners is in the garage or carport, where epoxy halts unsightly oil stains. It additionally improves the generally gray look of the largest room in the house.

West Coast Epoxy does more than only garages, as many homes also take advantage of epoxy flooring in the following areas:

  • Porches with UV light resistant epoxy designs and colors,
  • Mud rooms and washrooms with anti-slip epoxy coatings,
  • Workspaces and dens featuring team symbols and colors.

Essentially, anywhere our Santa Rosa clients want epoxy flooring layered on their property, West Coast Epoxy has the experience and ability to finish the job quickly and cleanly.

Compare our comments and you will find out that West Coast Epoxy offers a timely, complimentary quote and epoxy coatings consultation. Our gallery of images demonstrates the wide variety of projects our skilled crew regularly finishes. Bring this quality to your residence by contacting West Coast Epoxy today!
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