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Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Lodi, CA

Industrial EpoxyIf your Lodi business is industrial, you want flooring that is safe and strong. Many business owners figure that plain concrete is such a surface, but repeated shaking, large loads, forceful impacts, or damaging chemicals all create significant stresses on a foundation. This leads to flying chips, cracks, wear and tear, and staining. By carefully studying the different forces placed on concrete by each industry, epoxy researchers created coatings to protect foundations for almost any challenge. As an experienced epoxy coating installer in Lodi, West Coast Epoxy is familiar with these materials and has the necessary team to quickly treat new concrete, or to renovate and protect old concrete for industrial specifications.

Demands of Industrial Epoxy

Extra durability is the common expectation for industrial level flooring. This treatment necessitates the thickest applications of epoxy coatings. This usually means trowel grade epoxies that are created to be extra durable. The advantage of such material is that it better withstands surface stress and strengthens the top layer of concrete with closely interconnected polymers that act as a safety net to protect the building’s foundation.

Chemical protection is another factor, depending on the manner of industry. By adjusting the composition of an epoxy mix, coatings are produced that withstand the harshest acids or bases. Additional formulas protect against oils or solvents. Name your concern and West Coast Epoxy has an industrial solution!

Safety in industry is essential to preserve health, life, and productivity. Safety also lessens overhead. Epoxy coatings are possible in a vast range of colors to clearly demarcate safety zones, traffic lanes, and work areas. By laying down durable striping, patterns, symbols, and hues, West Coast Epoxy delineates the entire factory in a meaningful way. Safety may also necessitate non-slip floors. We can do that, depending on how we apply the topcoat. Trust our knowledge to make your industrial floor a better, safer place for employees and visitors.
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