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Epoxy Flooring in Lodi, CA

Concrete Epoxy FlooringWest Coast Epoxy offers the finest quality epoxy surface flooring systems in Lodi. After many years of field testing and experience, we chose the best providers and coatings offered. While other businesses use cheaper materials, West Coast Epoxy knows that quality decides the endurance and appearance of the finished product.

Installing Epoxy Floors

West Coast Epoxy uses a diamond grinder to prep your floor. This cleans the concrete and preps it to connect correctly with the epoxy, making a longer lasting bond. To halt the spread of concrete dust, we use a top-notch vacuum with efficient HEPA filters to essentially collect any concrete particles and keep your property clean.

When the preparation is done, a wicking epoxy is laid onto the concrete. This resilient product flows into all the small holes and hairline fissures in the concrete to cover it thoroughly. These filled abnormalities increase the attachment to the floor. Now the epoxy flooring will protect your concrete for its lifetime!

After the base coat process is done, then comes the color coat. This is when the preselected choices in pattern, color and texture are layered. To finish, a transparent topcoat covers everything to seal it and protect it from UV damage and scratching.

For Industrial, Commercial and Residential Clients

Learn how West Coast Epoxy revitalizes and protects your concrete floors! By altering our process and products, we serve Industrial, Residential and Commercial clientele. Give us a call or inquire online about a time for an on-site consultation. West Coast Epoxy serves businesses and homes in Lodi, Northern California, and the West Coast!
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