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Epoxy Flooring for Airplane Hangars in Antelope, CA

Airplane hanger with a plane. The flooring is epoxy coated in gray with yellow guidelines to show where the plane should sit. There is equipment around the plane for working on the plane for repairs and maintenance.Epoxy coats are respected as the best covering for concrete garage surfaces and the hugest of all garages is an airplane hangar! So, if your most requested form of transportation has wings, you should consider West Coast Epoxy in Antelope for guarding the concrete in your hangar with resilient and durable epoxy topcoats.

Airlines Apply Epoxy Topcoats

When you read up on what pilots favor for covering their hangar floors, epoxy coatings are continuously mentioned. Hot tires bond to concrete, but not epoxy coatings. Mechanical work causes drips and blemishes, but not on coated concrete. Explains one pilot: “I have had an epoxy floor in my hangar going on 9 years now and it still looks new.”

Why Add Epoxy Flooring for Hangars

The larger the hanger, the more tedious it is to maintain sufficient lighting for overnight work. Since most mechanical work takes place under the aircraft, ceiling lighting is commonly obscured by the plane itself. Epoxy coatings provide noted light reflection, making it easier to lighten the working locations in a hangar.

Another advantage of epoxy coats is the ability to embed positioning lines and safety markings right into the floor covering. That way, you do not have to worry about paint getting scuffed and dulled, or surface applications losing grip over time. A well-outlined hangar is a safer and more effective workspace, and epoxy topcoats contribute to both of those qualities. In addition, if you’re worried about traction when the hangar floor is greasy or wet, ask that non-slip options be incorporated in your epoxy topcoat.

You want your hangar space to look just as beautiful as your airplane! Epoxy topcoats assist you in creating the look you desire, with color-matching choices to equal your needs. For more information and to schedule an on-site visit in Antelope, contact West Coast Epoxy on the phone or online today!
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