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Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Kitchens in Antelope, CA

Expert Kitchen Floors

Numerous industrial kitchens use tile on their floors. But the latest trend in Antelope is removing old tiles, exposing the foundation underneath, grinding it smooth, and installing epoxy coatings. Yet, some people hesitate when considering epoxy coatings in industrial kitchens so, we would like to address common concerns about epoxied floors in kitchens.

Rough Concrete Underfoot?

Some are concerned that a concrete floor will be too rough on their joints and feet, perhaps causing distress while standing for the extended periods mandatory during a restaurant shift. In fact, epoxy flooring can assist to lessen this circumstance. With West Coast Epoxy, you can choose different levels of depth and rigidity for your epoxy coats to assist with bearing vibration and shock. With the proper specifications during installation, your epoxy floor can be better, and safer for your feet and joints than plain tile or concrete options.

Kitchen Clean Up

Epoxy floors are seamless, so no food or bacteria can get stuck between cracks, seams, or grout lines. Microorganisms have next to nothing to latch onto. Restaurant kitchen employees love the ability to simply rinse the floors by hosing them down with water, then using a squeegee to send the water down the drain. By adding the option of coved floors, the base of your walls is simultaneously protected from spills and bumps. A quick cleaning with some water and cleaning solvent is all that is necessary to get rid of spills and preserve sanitation.

Are Epoxy Floors Okay for Work?

The coating on any concrete floor can be modified to increase traction. Certainly, a high gloss concrete surface like you see in a retail store or office building may be slick and unsafe when wet, but in kitchens we do not apply the same coats as we employ in areas that prioritize aesthetics over friction. That doesn’t mean that your floor looks commercial or industrial or feels like it is produced with grit. The science behind epoxy sealants is far beyond that and provides us with many attractive methods of preventing slick flooring that are permitted by skilled building designers.

Choose Epoxy Flooring in Your Kitchen

Clearly, using epoxy coatings in Antelope for your kitchen has tremendous advantages. But you might have further questions. We would love to assist you find out the answers. West Coast Epoxy has years of experience and skills with the application of epoxy coats, surface stains, polishes, and overlays. Give us a call. Or if you prefer, you can arrange a free onsite consultation with our skilled installers using our online form. Any kitchen in Antelope is bound to benefit from epoxy topcoats!
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