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Once you opt for the epoxy color, we can upgrade it with color flakes. Color flakes are thin chips of material with random size or shape. They usually contrast with the base color of your epoxy flooring, and West Coast Epoxy can even employ two or three colors to complement the underlying epoxy coat.

Why Add Color Flakes?

From clean rooms to garages and carports, color flakes provide an aesthetically pleasing, textured feeling to your floor coating, complementing any decor. They are offered in a plentiful array of color possibilities, and also in a range of diameters from 1 inch to as small as 1/32nd in diameter.

Some advantages of adding color flakes to your customized synthetic coating include:

  • Color flakes hide substrate imperfections.
  • They offer a number of blending options.
  • Color flakes are ultraviolet light resistant.
  • They can add a subtle texture to the floor to reduce slipping.

Customers use a variety of ideas when picking their color flakes, such as favorite colors, discovering a seasonal feel (spring, summer, fall, winter), team colors, camouflage, or simply use the color wheel — many options are provided with color flakes and colored epoxy flooring.

Check out different designs and colors here on our website to help you decide on the correct color flake combination for your concrete floors. You can additionally inquire about a free visit from West Coast Epoxy to benefit from our years of experience creating satisfying floor designs. We can help you locate the perfect colors to help your Union City garage or work area bring out the best for your home or business!
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