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Epoxy Flooring For Offices in San Mateo, CA

Office Flooring Epoxy

Office Epoxy

There are multiple advantages to employing epoxy coated surfaces in office buildings. With plentiful years of experience in applying concrete coatings, West Coast Epoxy maximizes the benefits of this excellent material for our clients. Happy clientele in San Mateo and other locations have usually requested epoxy coatings because of its various beneficial functions.

Why Request Epoxy for Office Flooring

Epoxy coatings are very durable and UV resistant, useful both outdoors and in. Epoxy-coated concrete is water resistant, stain-proof and can also be produced chemical resistant. Epoxy coatings are economical, especially for large office foundations and definitely when you consider the simplicity of maintenance. Patterns and colors are available in a variety, compatible for any and all desired color schemas or decor plans.  Slip-resistant coatings are distributed where liquids or inclines are present and coved flooring is available where needed for cleanliness and wall protection. Best of all, turnaround time for epoxy coatings is brief, reducing downtime for your business during remodels and enabling shorter construction schedules with new buildings.

What Office Locations are Best for Using Epoxy Floors?

Nothing renews a cracked, old, or stained concrete floor faster than renewal with epoxy coatings. If your office room requires renovation, the initial installation treatment for epoxy topcoats fixes uneven floors and smooths out imperfections, blemishes, and spots. For new buildings, starting with epoxy-coated concrete ensures a durable floor that looks terrific for a long time with minimal maintenance. For high traffic spaces, like lobbies and entryways, epoxy coats resist the kind of use that wears out other types of flooring.

For more information on how West Coast Epoxy can preserve and protect your concrete flooring while making them an important part of your property’s interior decor, talk to us today for an initial consultation and job quote. We assist you in considering your requirements in office flooring, your funds to get the request done, and the style that matches your specifications. Applying quality products, capable employees, and productive techniques, West Coast Epoxy will have your office floors renewed, restored, or completed quickly and to your pleasure!
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